Pharmaceutical Supply Chains


schedule 2009
Jan 26-27 C-TAG Meeting @ Global Fund, Geneva
Feb 2-3 Roll Back Malaria Procurement and Supply Chain Meeting, Geneva
Feb 10-11 Teaching Session on Pharmaceuticals -MIT-Portugal Coimbra, Portugal
Feb 12-15 Wholesaler Incentives Talk @ RBM AMFm workshop Nairobi, Kenya
Feb 19-20 Talk@ Georgia Tech Humanitarian Conference, Atlanta, GA,
Mar 15-17 Medicines for Malaria Venture, Access and Delivery Committee Meeting, Geneva,
Apr 7 – Talk@ INSEAD Health Care Alumni Meeting, Geneva,
May 16 ACT Watch Meeting, Geneva
Jun 23-28 Tallberg Forum, Tallberg, Sweden

Jul 7-8 Pharmaceutical Policy Course, Utrecht, Netherlands,
July 12-15 Sessions at World Health Economics Congress Beijing,
July 19-23 Supply Chain Thought Leaders Roundtable, San Jose, Costa Rica,
Aug 3-8 Talk at Commonwealth Pharmacists Meeting, Accra, Ghana,
Sep 16-19 Social Franchising for Health Workshop Bellagio, Italy,
Sep 20-23 Keynote at CSCMP Annual Global Conference, Chicago
Sep 27-28 Forecasting Talk @ Artemisinin Annual Meeting, Mumbai, India,
Sep 29 Corporate Council on Africa Meeting, Washington, DC
Sept 30  Congressional Briefing on Malaria
October 9-10 PATHS-2 Meeting, Abuja, Nigeria
Oct 11-12  IGAFM Meeting London,
Nov 1-3 Multilateral Initiative on Malaria (MIM) Meeting Nairobi, Kenya,
Dec 5 Global Health Supply Chain Summit, Zaragoza, Spain

Jan 13 USAID Procurement Technical Meeting, Washington DC
Jan 15, Research Talk @Marshall School of Business, Univ. of Southern California, Los Angeles
Jan 19-22, Roll Back Malaria, Procurement and Supply Chain Meeting, Geneva, CH
Feb 9-12 NMCP Supply Workshop, Kigali, Rwanda
Feb 18- Session on Developing World Supply Chains GSMA Mobile World, Barcelona
Feb 25 GAVI PBF Meeting, London
Mar 1-2, Last Mile Malaria Meeting, Zaragoza
Mar 3,  Keynote at European Petrochemical Association Workshop, Frankfurt
Mar 4, Keynote at US AFRICOM Workshop, Rotterdam, NL
Mar 24-26, PATHS2 TAG Nigeria Meeting, London
April 23-24, Keynote at Africa GL&S Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey
May 4-5, Keynote at CLI Conference, Bogota, Colombia
May 26-27, Talk @ Drug Resistance Stakeholder Meeting, Annecy, France
May 31-Jun 1, Economics of malaria meeting, Geneva
Jun 2, Sustainability Gala, Amsterdam
July 6-9, Supply Chain Thought Leaders Workshop, Breda, Netherlands
July 14 , Talk at DFID Private Sector Workshop, London
July 19th, Harvard Global Health Program, Boston, MA
July 26-28, PDP Meeting, Geneva
Sep 9, Research Talk at European Business School, Frankfurt
Sep 28-30, PSM Meeting, Accra, Ghana
Oct 5-7, Medicines for Malaria Venture, Access and Delivery Committee Meeting, Geneva,
Oct 12-13,  WHO-MMV, Artemisinin Annual Meeting, Madagascar
Oct 13-14,  NMCP Best Practices Seminar, Lusaka, Zambia
Nov 3, Research Talk @ Whitman School of Management Syracuse University,
Nov 4-7, Research Talks @ ASTMH, Atlanta
Nov 8-9, Talk at m-Health Summit, Washington DC
Dec 16, Talk @ Global Health Summit, Zaragoza
Dec 17-18,  GF AMFm Meeting, Accra Ghana,

Jan 16-20, Malaria Leadership Forum, Boston, MA

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